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Tips For Catching Spring Bass In Killington, Vermont

Spring is one of the best times of the year to catch spring bass in Killington, Vermont. When the water temperature starts creeping up into the 50’s bass begin their annual migration towards the bank.

American’s have a love affair with fishing bass. Whether they are largemouth or smallmouth you can fish for bass from coast to coast. Bass fish flourish in river, lakes and reservoirs. Bass are on the move in the spring, so right now is a great time to catch some monster bass fish.

Tips For Catching Spring Bass In Killington, Vermont 1

Where to fish

Bass can be caught from boats of any shape and size on rivers and lakes. Start with your local lake. If you don’t have a boat, don’t worry you can fish from the edge. Bass choose secluded coves, preferably with lots of cover such as fallen trees or vegetation in the water. This is where they prefer to spawn. South-facing shorelines are a good place to start.

What to use

There is no color to loud for bass fish. If you are in brown bass country, try different hues of pink, yellow and orange. Other lures such as spinnerbaits and lipless or square-bill crankbaits, have built in actions. Cast them out and wind them back in. There are certain top water baits, such as jitterbugs and Whopper Ploppers also require no manipulation when reeling back in. Natural baits like crawfish and shad are popular too. If you don’t have live bait, then use a substitute that has natural colors and looks to attract the bass in Killington, Vermont.

Prespawn: Concentrate on mid-depth to shallow water. Bass might be positioned at the mouth of spawning coves, a third of the way in or halfway – it depends on the water temperature. Be sure to fish around and under docks thoroughly and use lipless crankbaits, square-bill crankbaits, suspending jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and soft-plastic swimbaits that mimic minnows.

Tips For Catching Spring Bass In Killington, Vermont 2

Spawn: Look in shallow coves on the north side of a lake that gets afternoon sun, or anywhere there’s not a lot of bank shade. Scattered aquatic vegetation, submerged horizontal trees and brush and woody bank cover are bass magnets. Try unweighted plastic lizards and worms, jigs that imitate crawfish, buzzbaits and topwater lures.

Postspawn: Bass will stay close to shorelines or in intermediate depths, depending on their food sources. Find pockets where bluegills are spawning, and ravenous bass will be close by. If threadfin shad are present, look for bass around spawning shad schools at daybreak. Otherwise, fish secondary drop-offs near the banks, bridge pilings and shoreline riprap, submerged points and docks. Spinnerbaits, topwater lures, jerk baits, buzz baits, topwater prop baits, mid-depth square-bill crankbaits and a variety of soft plastics will produce now.

Good luck, have fun fishing!

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